My 2019 recap!

A bit late but better late then never!

There will be a few of these posts in the next few weeks fyi.

So my 2019 was very mad, and there is a lot that is going wrong so I just want to focus on the positives of what happened to me last year and to just reflect on how my life went.

First thing I have to mention is that I graduated with a FIRST CLASS DEGREE. I am super proud of myself for getting to the end of my degree. There were so many ups and downs during the course, so many times I wanted to quit, didn’t feel like I belonged on the course, so many mental breakdowns and times questioning what the fuck am I doing with my life, but it was all worth it. I thought I would be walking away with a 2:2 or even a 2:1, but to get a 1st, really shocked me and it just showed me that I can achieve what I want when  I put my mind to it.


Me in my cap and gown!

I got nominated and shortlisted for a BJTC Award. This organisation is very big in the journalism industry and to be nominated for a piece of work I did at uni and to be shortlisted for the final!? It was a shock, I didn’t know I was put for it, and I never did any of my work for any awards, I just wanted to get them over and done with. The fact that my work and ideas, were award worthy, gives me so much satisfaction that I am on the right path and I can be a journalist.

I know this isn’t big but this year I stayed in a tent at a festival. Seeing this is what I want to do, it was amazing to live a dream of staying at a festival with my best mates having the times of our lives.

I got a part time job at the beginning of the year, and a full time one at the end of the year. This allowed me to get out of my overdraft and save up and buy my computer and set up. I am extremely happy that I got to do it myself. I finally have a computer to game and stream on, that I have wanted for the past four years, so this is finally a dream come true.

I got my own pets. I have two kittens which I pay for. It has given me an extra level of maturity as I have to look after these two creatures apart from myself.

I earned my university’s gold Livesey Award. Which means over my fours years at university I volunteered 90 hours of my time. I had my own radio show for three years, which I planned, hosted and it was fun. From this I became the Head of PR for the student radio for a year. I also did crafts with children in the local museum, as well as make cards for a local charity. I went to a Wild Boar Park to help the rangers clean and feed the animals, I held a ferret, that was fun.

My nanna and grandad took me and my sisters to Barbados. I got body confidence here, I ate food that I wouldn’t normally eat, as I am a picky eater this was difficult but I want to experience different cultures and countries food, so this trip really helped me becoming less picky.  I have always wanted to go and this has just started the travelling bug, I want to experience many cultures and the world, whilst we still have it.

I started streaming! Which is amazing, my Twitch is KatyNellsxoxo if you wanna go follow. It has been a dream of mine for donkeys years.

And finally I just want to honour a man that we lost in December. I would call him my uncle, much like I would call Kelly my aunt. One of my mums best friends, and we would become close with their children. Most of my childhood we hung out, creating plays that would make fun of the parents and they would be drunk and laugh and it would be a great time. So many sleepovers, picnics, trips to the pub, takeaways on Friday. I never thought that my childhood memories of you would now stay memories. It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I now have to say heaven has gained an angel. Rest In Peace and I will never forget you farting on me Uncle Mark, or the love you and Kelly shared.

I am excited for what 2020 will bring, and the experiences that it will offer me.

What was your biggest achievement of 2019?

KatyNells xoxo

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