Things I have learned becoming a cat mum

I am one of those people who love animals. I am working to try and change my lifestyle so that it benefits animals, ie not eating meat, using animal products in skincare, etc and not own anything tested by animals.

In the future I want to open up my own animal sanctuary, I want to go to protests about animals, the world and so on. But for now, I will just start by having my own pets.

In November of 2019, I adopted two black, male kittens. And they have made me the happiest person I am in the short time of owning them.

We originally was only going to get one, but the woman who couldn’t keep them, very naughty of her, but she brought both of them round for us to pick the one we wanted. We ended up getting both and even though we were manipulated into getting both of them, it was the best thing to have happened.

I am now the proud parent of Salem and Sully, two amazing, cute, adorable kittens.

sully and salem

The reason we adopted them, even though we did it at the time where I was still fully in my overdraft, is because my mum didn’t want them going to somewhere bad, as black cats, especially black male cats have a superstition ‘against’ them. As they are seen as bad luck, linked with witches and dark magic, we just couldn’t bare the thought of two innocent kittens being out in the world and having the lowest scum of humanity harming them.

What have I learned then?

  • You have to be patient – They are kittens, they have a lot of energy, they want to be with you 24/7. They scratch the shit out if the furniture, even though they have posts, so that’s annoying but you still can’t get angry and shout, as they are only kittens and it’s in their nature be cheeky and mischievous. At night and early in the mornings they would meow at the bedroom door and it pissed my boyfriend off but they just wanted to be with us, so how can you get mad at them for that?
  • I have two creatures that are dependant on me, I am no longer just looking after myself, I have to be more organised, by getting their food, making sure we have enough and when we don’t, I need to buy it. I need to clean the flat more, clean their litter tray, make sure no tiny things are lying about that they could eat. It’s a lot,  but they have made me a better person and adult, as before I would clean my flat maybe once every four weeks, now I tidy it daily and do a deep clean once every two weeks.
  • I NEVER get any alone time anymore. They always sit with me, when I am writing, watching videos, playing games, sleeping, they will always sit on me, on my laptop, on the notepad that I am writing on, but I would not have it any other way. I love it when I am streaming and they sit in the nook of the shelves beside me, they are so cute and I love their snuggles.
  • I was scared of letting them outside because of what happened to Tommy, he got run over, and I didn’t want my world to end again. But they now both go outside for the majority of the day, and then they sleep with me at night. They stay in the garden most of the time, and then when I go outside and call their names or whistle, they come running back in.
  • I have learned what it will be like being a mother. I want a load of children when I am older, so this is a trial and I think I have done well. The first day they went outside, I was lost, I kept going outside with my coat, brolly and a cuppa, just to make sure they were okay and safe. But I realised I couldn’t keep doing that. So the next day I stayed in, but there were no cats to cuddle me,  sit on my keyboard and mess my laptop up. It felt great to relax and be able to eat my bowl of Cheerios without a kitten stealing them all, but I felt so lonely because they were walking alone, together, in the big, scary world, but then they came back in and sat on my head, and I was fine.
  • I have learned both of their traits. Salem loves it when I pick him up and cuddle him, Sully hates that, but Sulbear loves to sit on me whilst I am sat on the couch, whilst Salem sits on the cat post I bought them. Sully loves to crawl under the covers and play with my feet, but he loves to be under blankets and stuff, whilst Salem likes to sit on my head when we are falling asleep. I love that I know these features about them, because I can tell which one is which straight away.

Being a cat mum has taught me a lot about motherhood and myself. I always thought as I admittedly do have a temper, I would get angry at the lack of sleep and naughtiness, but I have learned that I am understanding and a very patient person, which really shocked me. I wouldn’t have said yes to the cats, if I didn’t have a full-time job, I recently got a minimum wage job at a local pub, so I knew I was getting out of my overdraft and I could afford to keep them.

My advice to people who are looking into getting a kitten is just make sure you’re in a position to have them and afford them. Be patient, they will scratch everything, I still have scars on my arms and shoulders from when they accidentally scratched me. You need to be extra vigilant, make sure there isn’t open candles, small things they can choke on, etc. But I promise you to have my two black panthers in my life is the biggest blessing I think I have had in a long time. I am happy and I love these two more than I love Yorkshire puddings, and that’s saying something.

KatyNells xoxo


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