What is 2018 for me?


This is my first post of 2018!

So, this year, for me, will be a year where I change. I don’t know how I will change, but I want to change for the better. I want to learn, experience, teach, help, love, smile and make others smile.

I want to better my world. Yes, this is selfish, but I need to look after myself, I need to care only about myself for a while. This means I need to cleanse my mind, body and soul. I need to change my mental state and my physical state. If I want to better the world, I need to better mine first.

My aims for this year will be boring, as I don’t have the means to travel, do stuff. I am limited by money and time, but this doesn’t constrict me completely. But here are my aims;

  1. Write blog posts – at least 5 every month.
  2. Post videos on my YouTube channel.
  3. Stream on Twitch or YouTube.
  4. Become more organised.
  5. Become more motivated.
  6. Face my fears.
  7. Become more knowledgable, learn new skills.Love
  8. Focus on my fitness and health.
  9. Read more.
  10. Start focusing on my future career.

This year I will be turning 21. I will be an adult. This is scary for me, as I will need to get a full time job, and then I will be getting married, having kids, buying a house, it’s all so much.

21 is a difficult age, you are an adult, yet you haven’t really matured yet. We still want to have fun, but society says we can’t. As we can’t provide the lifestyle we want without working. It’s a weird situation, which probably explains why many people born in the 90’s have crisis’s quite often, and why many of them are deviating from the path that we have been told we have to walk down.

But welcome to my 2018 blog. New year, new me? I guess we will see.


Katy Nells xoxo

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