#6 – Friendships – A life long bond

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Friendships are much like relationships but they are a lot more stronger.

Friends are the family you choose, these people are the ones you talk to daily, you do stuff with them, you have numerous amounts of stories with them and you have will probably have dirt on them like they have on you.

Some friends will be with you for life. Some friends may leave, you may decide that you don’t want to associate with certain people any more but there is one thing that you need to think about the people you want to be in your life.

I three best-friends, well now they feel like sisters because we have been through so much together. We share funny stories, sad stories but we will always be there for each other and these friendships mean a lot to me.

There comes a time when you need to think who want as friends. You have to cut people out of your life at some point. There was this one girl who was in our group at high school and she was a nice person but towards the end and throughout college she got on my tits. She annoyed me so much that I just detested her. We had issues throughout college she just completely stopped speaking to me for an unknown reason, which came to the surface as ‘I showed her a picture of herself on my phone which she took as a selfie’ and she didn’t like it. If you don’t want people to have embarrassing photos of you don’t take embarrassing selfies on their phone?

Anyway when we stopped talking I didn’t feel like I lost a major friend, it wasn’t a friendship that I was bothered about so when that time came I just left that friendship in the past.  I always felt that she was just your basic attention-seeker and I didn’t want all her negativity in my life so when I moved to uni I deleted her from all social medias, her number and I felt a lot more free. She added me back on all social media but I didn’t accept.

People may think this is petty or something but sometimes you need to cut people out and when I did I felt like I didn’t have to think about what I was going to do, just in case it offended her. Sometimes you just have to think about yourself and stop pussy-footing around everyone else.

This will make way for all the friends you make at uni. Uni has honestly been a great experience for me, no matter how many times I have wanted to quit. It has given me a group of girls that I call my closest friends. I want to continue their friendships after we leave uni. They all have different personalities and we all have different ways of speaking and different life experiences because we have lived in different towns.

It’s truly amazing how people bond and having friends at uni is certainly one of the best things out of the uni experience. If you are worried about making friends, I wouldn’t be, everyone is in the same boat.

My advice is go on Facebook and join the uni freshers page, I am not sure if every uni has one but mine did. People post in here, comment on some, add friends and then speak to people then meet up when at uni. Join the course pages and find people on your course, add them and speak to them on message in the holidays and get to know them, that way you can speak to someone on the first day.

This is what me and two other girls on the course did and that first ever week of uni we just stayed together.

Go on your accommodation Facebook page and find out who is in your flat, create a group chat and get to know each other so it’s less awkward when you meet. Everyone is a little awkward when meeting new people so just take it easy and the friendships are surely to blossom.

Remember be you.

Yours Truly

Katy Nella xoxo

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