Broke with expensive taste -Azealia Banks

Rap is probably one of my favourite genres. Although, I find that it can be a little repetitive, each song, the lyrics are indifferent. They are either about sex, drugs and violence. However, I like the fact that Azealia Banks has a unique, different style of song and sound. It is very weird and gets some time to get used to, but when you do you can admire her creative artistry. This unique sound is shown in the video for her song ‘Atlantis’. As well as a unique sound she has statement music videos that are very eye-catching and have vivid imagery and bold fashion statements, like in her music video ‘Chasing Time’.

Her songs range from very fast, upbeat tempos to very slow almost dark beats. I like the range of tempos, instruments and beats on the album. Out of the songs on the album my favourites are ‘Ice Princess’, ‘Chasing Time’ and ‘Yung Rapuxel’. ‘Chasing Time’, for me, has a timeless beat and lyrics that people can relate to. I can relate to this song a lot as a single youngster in university, but I love the fact that I can dance to this song as well as have it as background noise when doing stuff. ‘Ice Princess’ sounds like a classical ballet tune, but then the bass is amplified, turning it in to  a great song to listen to. The chorus is very catchy and it is a good song, I feel, to get stuck in your head as it’s one that’s not annoying. It combines what this generation likes in a song. Bass, rap, singing and a catchy tune.
I love the fact that her album is consistent, as in terms of her style of sound.

My Rating – 3 Stars

Click the below links to be sent to her Spotify or YouTube.

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